by Russell Bradley

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(free) 03:01


released January 31, 2016



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Russell Bradley New York, New York

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Track Name: Sometimes
golden cufflinks draw attention to the heart on our sleeves
one-sixty really ain’t enough to nine to five and just leave
my pet peeves oooooh really got the best of me
bite into the apple knowing that’s the recipe
while ya staring in my eyes, knowing that i’m agitated
but underneath my skin i’m just happy that you made it
your knocking down them doors, will jade him Jaden
and the moment Kobe in the clutch Fading
my birds nest mentality, that goes against reality
ignoring every fallacy has got me through this calvary
and It’s gotten me through allergies
when i’m not allergic to anything
but I fabricate my system thats immune
depression’s impression isn’t pressured, when they see cool
but who, am I to know without receiving clues
You’ll never see it coming and there’s nothing you can do

sometimes ya lose dem
Nooo, noooooooo
There’s just nothing you can do
Nooo, noooooooo
There’s just nothing you can do
sometimes ya lose dem

At this rate, I probably wont accomplish anything
and i’m happy with that, and a matter of fact
I don’t really care how it is you really react
well I guess i do a little sincei did bring it up
and every artist does, tho i’m speaking for myself
I guess im in a pickle since i am handcuffed
I do this outta love, tho i’m thinking of my wealth
and that explains why I work the 9-to-5
and that explains why I work it 9-to-9
I’ve been behind all my life compared to peers thru the years
my biggest fear was getting caught in a lie
some times you’ll never understand
some times that made me to a man
some times no matter how true
some times theres nothing you can do