Oh Don't Worry

by Russell Bradley

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released 16 February 2014

All instruments, and recordings were performed and produced by Russell Bradley

Artwork by Jab Comix



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Oh
Russell Bradley

Verse 1
When I was younger, I used to dream in color
Now I'm kind of older, and I don't sleep at all
I'm always dosing off, can't concentrate long
and I have turrets thoughts of flipping everybody off
They say that I'm an "asshole", associate with jerks
but I never labeled you, so tell me who the hell is worst
Shaking my head while I carry on instead
They try to set up "locks" but I'll never let it "dread"
Just comb it out, or easier just cut it off
Whatever path you choose, just don't let make you soft
Hold your head high cause they'll try to bring you down
and your life might be a "circus" but don't' ever be their "Clown"
Confused now, they haven't got a clue
but they still insist how they could walk in your shoes
So what you got to lose? Let 'um try to gain
and when they feel like fools, they'll understand your pain

You got me killing myself
With these card's I've been dealt
It can't be good for my health
So you got me like

I know you need this anthem for that time when you feeling like
Get your middle fingers up, middle fingers up
Throw 'um in their face if they start to complain

Verse 2
Now that I'm older I think a little longer
Because when I was a youngin' see I never thought at all
I was always dosing off, never serious for long
and my teachers knew what to expect every single Fall
But see I never failed, honestly I barley passed
and for messing up in class, heres the life that I have
They say I should "be glad" compare it to something bad
but of course my life is better comparing to being dead
The reasoning they use being content when they lose
Will always make a loss feel like it's kind of cool.
But see that is untrue when they do the reciprocal
Winners "get applauded", not "get ridiculed"
refuse to understand it, they wanna have it handed
taking life for granted got that poverty expanding
Their eyes both sanded, they're going at it wrong
hopefully they use their ears, and listen to the song

Track Name: Don't Worry
Don't Worry
Russell Bradley

Verse 1
I picked up the phone and heard her crying from the other end
Screaming "He's Cheating come with me this weeknd"
normally I don't wanna get involved
but she's like my sister literally without the simile
anyways fast forward to the front of his house
actually it's his mothers, he just owns the couch
now we're waiting and we're thinking and we're speaking at the same
cursing cause she's hurting, can't believe shes still sane
there she goes eyes open, lights on, lets go
to my left, door open, and that girl is gone
to my front see a fist go across another face
man I know, girl i don't, being held by the waist
I can't believe how love can make you change
I can't believe how love can make you bleed
So before I transform, before I spell blood
instead of hearts, can we play this friendly game of clubs.

It's not a game of Spades but it's similar with Hearts
You try to cut the deck to make the other person fall apart
Reneging liars only lose, using trust to abuse
by the end of the day you're leaving everyone confused

Verse 2
For the love Pete's sake, let that man breath
it's already bad enough that he's living on his knees
when he got two feet, why don't you let that boy walk
and when that "boy" argue, let that "man" talk
cause he trys, but you ignore him consider him a fool
you're blocking all his chances, what in the world is he to do
I have no clue but I told him "Don't Worry"
what does he now that he's broken "Don't Worry"
Thats all i could tell him, cause really I didn't know any better
if that was my situation, just kill me... I'll pull the trigger
but instead I'm shaking my head watching it go on
his life's a broken record stuck on the same song
and it goes...


"Do what you want, Be what you are"
Don't Worry, Don't Worry
"You're a rich girl, but you've gone too far"
Don't Worry, Don't Worry
"Deeper than the ocean, Brighter than the Stars"
Don't Worry, Don't Worry
"You've got me like... "Oh Oh Oh Oh" my gaaawd"
My God Don't Worry

Verse 3
I feel the same, long nights lots of pain
waking up every morning feeling drained
I used to be in love, now I'm barley interested
six years creating what did I get out of this investment?
I can't believe how love can make you change
I can't believe how love can make you bleed
So before I transform and before I spell blood
instead of hearts, let's just stop playing these games.